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April 2009

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a little bit here and there~

- just watched the latest can!jani! with hina & yasu catching the eel. bravo to yasu who managed to catch 2 big eels! (yasu,you're so awesome!) and poor hina! he failed! it is so rare, to see hina failed in doing something. haha, and it amused me to watch he sulks while by his side, yasu is succeeding in catching eels one by one. and hina is so S towards yasu! hina, please be gentler to yasu, no wonder yasu doesn't want to eat with you. hehe ^^

- on the sad side, i failed my exam, so i have a month to spend before i sit for the remedial exam. currently trying to figure out wut should i do within this 1 month, aside from study i mean. by the way, i spent my past weeks watching Nodame Cantabile drama. it immediately became my fav drama! the drama perfectly suits my taste. in my opinion, the drama potrayed the manga really well. i guess,i'm gonna fill my month watching more dramas!

- i luv RECOMEN! i'm always looking foward for enshinge   recomen translations. and in last week one, they invited some kanju to the show. i luv the senpai-kouhai interaction! and i especially luv ito maashii! he is so cute with his continuous failing! haha,i had long noticed him since i watched him in j3kansai (in one of the episodes, they interviewied the jrs). he was asked to choose btw being a johnnys or astronout (his dream job), and he chose astronout. can't believe there is someone who chooses other things over being a johnnys! ^^