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Apr. 28th, 2009

hey! hey! hey!, YOU tachi nani gata?

just watched HEY!X3 in which NEWS is the guest. the one newshfan subbed.
-wow, they looked much closer with each other, that's a good thing.
-i know that tegoshi is a good singer,but i rarely watched him sing. but,watching him singing that 'sen no kaze' song and his solo parts really prove his charisma as a singer.
-ryo really cracked me up. and yeah,i'm going to side up with maa-chan, going to dentist and bungee-jumping really dun connected at all. but,he is indeed brave and amazing.i dun have any courage to even do roller-coaster, so, bungee jumping is out of question. i dunno when he did the bungee, but i guess he got the idea after watching maru in can!jani!. but,ryo's bungee jumping is much scarier that the one maru did. yoko should really learn from ryo this time. ^^
-KOI no ABO- honestly, this song is so much fun and so much similar with eito songs. and,it is refreshing to watch NEWS trying something they rarely do. i remember i think it was koyama, koyama once said,he would like to try eito ranger skit and singing eito songs,but he guess yamapi and massu will feel embarrased. true enough,i noticed massu is quite shy while dancing along with the song. the ones who truly seems to enjoy themselves were koyama,ryo,tegoshi and shige. whilst yamapi is still in his cool self.
btw,my bloodtype is B.

-i read recomen translation with massu as the guest , in my opinion yokohina seems much nicer with massu this time. and i like the fact that massu still comes to recomen despite the constant teasing from yokohina each time he comes as the guest. ^^

-i did the arashi obsession quiz. the result?
You are 19% obsessed with Arashi.
You're relatively new to the fandom. That, or you're just not that into it right now. Not to worry, you have a lot of things to discover and learn about our favorite boys! :)
Quiz URL: arashi_obsession_quiz

-is there any EITO obsession quiz.if there is one,i'm pretty mush confident i'll scored at least 95. ^^

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(no subject)

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Anime Nerd
If anyone is likely to dress up in a crazy outfit, you are! You enjoy the visual stimulants of intense art accompanied with deep plots of fantasy, science-fiction, real-life; or you are just obsessed with Japan and everyone and everything in it. They love to gather with people like themselves at conventions and act crazy! The anime nerds are often associated with the stereotype of being the "psychotic" nerd, because they tend to be obsessive over their characters and series.
You psycho! I'm just kidding! But seriously, all forms of art should be appreciated, and anime is definitely one of them.
Result Breakdown:
83% Anime Nerd
81% Gamer/Computer Nerd
77% Science/Math Nerd
60% Social Nerd
58% Literature Nerd
43% Drama Nerd
36% Artistic Nerd
0% Musician
Quiz URL: http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_be_your_nerd_type

-instead of Anime nerd,i would considered myself to be more Gamer/Computer Nerd. why?
bcoz i can't live without my laptop and internet. and i have stopped from watching anime regularly. i only watched them if i feel like it, but i always ended up fastfwd it. and whenever i come upon the anime channel,i'll quickly changed it,unlike before, that channel always the first one which i clicked on.
-i luv games but more personally i dun like internet games and such.i'm much prefer playstation games.
-i luv math very much, but for some reason,i ended up as a medical student.

it's nice to do every sort of quiz. it's like helping to know yourself much better.


Apr. 26th, 2009

can! jani! yasu-ryo

just watched it! i'm so in love with this tv show! geez,i really need to learn japanese fast.
btw, eito and food always amused me! ^^
in this episode,i guess they need to get five 1st menus,but they were only allowed to know the result after they finished eating the meal. -can't believe they send yasu & ryo for this task. i think maru and ohkura are more suitable? yoko is on diet,so it's a no. but, the good thing is they get yasu to eat.
-it is so cute watching them sharing a meal.
-does anyone notice that the members sometimes talk the same phrases at the same time? this time it was yoko and ryo. well, my fren and I sometimes did the same thing unconciously.
-oh,forgot to mention,i luv 'genki' ryo and 'genki' ohkura. it's rare to see them act like that so i'm a bit looking foward for that moments.
-oh,yeah, regarding last can!jani!,ohkura and his 'yell-yell' really cracked me up.

i'm looking fwd for the next one!

Apr. 21st, 2009





i'm watching this drama now. i actually wanna watch this a long time ago,but never bring myself to watch it until recently my fren told me about it. my 1st impression was, OMG! wut a bunch of 'losers'! it was so hilarious. but, their love story is so touching and really made me wonder is there really a pure-hearted girl like that existed? sure there is,this world is full with variety of ppl.
i also like to watch anime and such,but really watching this drama,i realized i'm not an otaku.maybe almost to be one.but, getting to know anime and manga world-i dun regret that! ^^

Apr. 6th, 2009

Arima Hayato~

i just watched the Honjani [honjani]20050315-099-Flag Football (1st try) (B). thank you for cattness for the file.
ah, i enjoy watching EITO old days especially the ones with uchi in it.

while i watching this one,i noticed a familiar face among the coaches. since i dun know how to read japanese,i cannot figured out the names there except EITO names since i had already memorized their names ^^.
but,i think their QB coach is the very same Arima Hayato whom i knew from the American Football Clinic segment in Eyeshield 21 anime.
here is his pic:
to confirm this,i need to watch the part A version of that episode,but it seemed that i can't find it anywhere. i had already requested the missing episode from cattness.i hope she'll help me.

p/s: i love all the coaches in this episode. they looked like a proud parents each time EITO managed to pull a good perfomances during the match! ^^

EDIT: yup,that`s him!

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Apr. 4th, 2009


- i'm not making progression in my studies. still stuck at lung diseases-pneumonia. and i hv another 19 or so more diseases to go.
  if only they have  EITO questions, i am real confident i can score a high marks for this quiz. haha.

- and my fren succeded in influencing me to become an L' arc~en~ciel FAN. now,i addicted to their songs. congratulations to her. and btw, i just discover that she is also an EITO fan althought not as much fanatics as me. ^^

- recent movies i watched were these:

~this is the first movie ever in which my friends and i laughed all the way from the start till the end. this movie is so hilarious especially the the red bull part. haha,i laughed my head off. i recommend this movie for those who want to release stress.

~ this one has both humor and romance genres. and it is a very sweet movie. if you're a shopaholic yourself,i strongly recommended you to watch this for your future notes.

- i suffer of joints pain and muscle pains resulting from playing futsal. i never thought that futsal is much more tiring than basketball.
ok,back to study~


Mar. 20th, 2009

The End and The Beginning


-just finished watching the last episode. it is a pity that this drama has only total 8 episodes (compared to the usual 11 episodes drama series).
-there is so many things i wanna say regarding this drama, but i guess i'll just leave it like that. but,honestly, in my opinion this drama could be expanded more. there a re so much room for the characters' development.
-no more squealing towards random maru and oh-chan's cuteness. so sad...


- This drama starring sakurai sho and yoko^^ will begin this 18th April! can't wait!
- i watched narutomo in which yoko and ohkura were the guests at youtube. i just can't stop looking at yoko and his gorgeous hair! thank goodness he is in this drama, i can't imagine if he still keep his distratrous perm-hair.
- i found out that this drama is actually season 2 of the previous THE QUIZ SHOW season 1. the roles of sho and yoko is previously acted by Katagiri Jin and Totsugi Shigeyuki.

Totsugi is the very same Prince Himuro in Uta no Onii-san. I think nobody will agree with me about this- i actually like Prince Himuro. yeah,it's true that his role is kinda annoying, but i can't restraint my laughter each time he is on screen. i think he played his role really anergetically and passionately. i luv him. i hope someone will sub the season 1 quiz show.
-? but wut left me wondering is why are the roles for season 2 are totally changed. i just can't get it the meaning of the season 2 here in this case?
- i'm looking fwd for this drama. yoko,do ur best!

-i just realized that arashi also has their own representative color, just like my beloved eito! but i can't remember their color.
i think aiba is green, sho is red, matsujun is purple, nino is blue i guess and ohno is yellow? i'll check it later then.

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Mar. 19th, 2009

a little bit here and there~

- just watched the latest can!jani! with hina & yasu catching the eel. bravo to yasu who managed to catch 2 big eels! (yasu,you're so awesome!) and poor hina! he failed! it is so rare, to see hina failed in doing something. haha, and it amused me to watch he sulks while by his side, yasu is succeeding in catching eels one by one. and hina is so S towards yasu! hina, please be gentler to yasu, no wonder yasu doesn't want to eat with you. hehe ^^

- on the sad side, i failed my exam, so i have a month to spend before i sit for the remedial exam. currently trying to figure out wut should i do within this 1 month, aside from study i mean. by the way, i spent my past weeks watching Nodame Cantabile drama. it immediately became my fav drama! the drama perfectly suits my taste. in my opinion, the drama potrayed the manga really well. i guess,i'm gonna fill my month watching more dramas!

- i luv RECOMEN! i'm always looking foward for enshinge   recomen translations. and in last week one, they invited some kanju to the show. i luv the senpai-kouhai interaction! and i especially luv ito maashii! he is so cute with his continuous failing! haha,i had long noticed him since i watched him in j3kansai (in one of the episodes, they interviewied the jrs). he was asked to choose btw being a johnnys or astronout (his dream job), and he chose astronout. can't believe there is someone who chooses other things over being a johnnys! ^^


images thanks to ashkt 
ah, can't wait for the release, although i dun buy them. sadly i dun know how to order it online, and even if i did, will they really send the cds to me here in Malaysia? oh,i wish i can go to Japan.
but,nevertheless, i hope someday i'll have the oppurtunity to support them for real like by buying their stuff,or go to their concert. i think i'm gonna be satisfied if i can look them in person one day.

Ganbare, EITO! I realized i'm so in love with them. my life has changed since i knew about them, and up until this very moment, i just can't go on without knowing their updates. ^^


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