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Mar. 1st, 2009

live action?!

holiday...well,a not very happy holiday, with my not-too-sure-wut-will-the-results-turn-out-to-be exam, i'm suffering with a mental breakdown,so i spent my time watching japanese drama. i dun know why,but i give up watching korean dramas a long time ago. i got tired of their never-ending conflicts and all. i know drama supposed to contain conflicts (heck,that is why they are called drama), but just when i thought everything will turn well, when i thought the storyline has became a bit steady, that is when the so-called conflicts came out, it frustrated me!

btw,i just watched NODAME CANTABILE.actually i just surfing out about tamaki hiroshi since i had a sudden interest with him since he appeared in HEY!3 and just recently it is annouced in tokyographs that he is the one that dominated the CMs in `08. and that is how i came across NODAME CANTABILE LIVE ACTION MOVIE, i got interested with the high ratings this drama received,so i quickly watch it.
and i am really impressed!

there are lots of manga/anime been adapted to live-action, but if i may list them,only a few succeed in conveying the feel of the original works. for example:
3. INITIAL D (well,actually i dun read the manga,but i like the movie)
4. NANA 1

well, can't think other live-action since i dun watch much! but, really the latter two doesn't really impressed me much,but i think i just gonna list it down here anyway. but,surely the one live-action movie that actually disappoint me is HONEY & CLOVER. The only cast that i approve(well,not like my opinion matters) is IKUTA TOMA aka Takemoto. the other casts just not like the ones that i expected. i gave up watching the drama just in 2 episodes.

Feb. 8th, 2009

can!jani! 020709

just watched the episode! thank you to lady_mercury for uploading it ^^
my heart is actually bleeding while watching this, but i can't stop myself from laughing. sorry yoko & ohkura!
poor them!
and the preview of the next episode is much more heartbreaking! i hope both of them gonna be okay.
but,this show is so informative, now i know the lifestyle of a priest, it is interesting.

btw, just finished my theory year, i only have one final exam (which turned out to be the most important and terrifying exam of all) before i enter my clinical years. hope everything will be okay and i'm gonna past the "sudden death" exam with a pass grade. amin~

Feb. 4th, 2009

Janiben 081210

i must be so in love with EITO to the point i dun really mind watching their shows without subs although i'll not understand much since japanese is not my native language.
i'm a mixed malay+chinese,you see. and sadly enough, i dun understand chinese as well. i remembered during my childhood, dad was trying hard to teach us chinese but my brothers and I were not really interested so it just kinda ended there. now,all of us regreted for not continuing the lessons. sorry, dad,i'll learn it someday a little by little. 

well, i do know a few japanese words thanks to all those animes i watched and the subbed japanese shows and dramas (thanks a bunch to all fansubbers out there!). and watching EITO laughing and playing around is enough to make me cracked up and feel kinda happy despite all the exams coming.so, that's why i dun really mind watching RAW EITO videos. if i think again, my brothers and I used to beg our dad to rent those DragonBall GT animes RAW with chinese subtitles. well, we had our translator aka our dad by our side at that time ^^

so,now and then, i'll downloads some of my fav EITO shows,and yesterday i came upon this episode of Janiben. thanks to za-riel for the videos. i dun watch every episodes of janiben but this is the first time the guest blends really well with EITO. it is so hillarious. some notes for myself:
-i never knew the guest (kato haruhiko), but i'm gonna like him
-all the members were there and hyper!
-everyone is soo very cute especially tacchon especially when he claimed that his buzzer doesn't work but it worked well all this while (he just late in pressing the button ^^)
-all of them were cute idiots! ^^
-hina must be dead tried dealing with all those idiots, and what made things turned more hillarious is that all of them including the guest were doing boke ~cracked-up~
-i just simply luv them~


Feb. 1st, 2009


i`m soo in love with this show! ^^
i'm gonna list the pairs involved in each episode:

Command 1 & 2   : ~searching the rare onsen~   : hina & ryo
Command 3          : ~natural honey~                        : yoko & baru
Command 4          : ~croquette~                                : hina-tacchon & yasu-maru
Command 5 & 6   : ~spring waters~                        : yoko & ryo
Command 7          : ~searching for apartment~     : hina & maru
Command 8          : ~foreign delicacies~                : yoko & tacchon
Command 9          : ~chinatown and food~             : hina & ryo
Command 10        : ~iwatakke~                                : hina & tacchon
Command 11        : ~the bell melody thing~           : yasu & baru
Command 12        : ~big trees~                                 : yoko & maru
Command 13        : ~err the pictures thing?~         : yasu & baru
Command 14        : ~gyoza restaurant~                  : hina & baru
Command 15        : ~scariest rollercoster~            : yoko & maru
Command 16&17 : ~temple~ (MY FAV)                  : yoko & tacchon
Command 18        : ~searching for apartment 2~ : hina & maru
Command 19        : ~dogs' footprints~                    : yoko & yasu
Command 20        : ~big trees~                                : yoko & maru
Command 21        : ~catching eels~                        : hina & yasu
Command 22        : ~ nursing home~                      : maru & baru
Command 23        : ~red-eyed puffer fish~              : maru & ryo
Command 24        : ~waterfall~                                  : yoko & ryo
Command 25        : ~osen which famous ppl visit : hina & ryo

well,honestly i was watching these episodes RAW (and i was actually guessing what were their tasks) but still i managed to laugh and enjoy myself. just watching them is enough for me.i hope this show will go well,so we can continue watching them. ^^

Jan. 25th, 2009

Uta Oniisan Act 2 (some spoilers)

i downloaded the raw yesterday,(a big thanks to the uploaders,you guys are great!) and although i dun understand a thing,but i still managed to figure out wut the episode is all about. honestly,the main reason why i watched this drama bcoz of maru-chan! i`m so happy for him when his role in this drama was decided.i've longed to watch him in drama since jintensha shonenski(err,i think i got the name wrong)- the one with him and yasu about bicycle. and although maru-chan is not the main character, i can't help but squeal each time i caught a glimpse of him in the drama. maru-chan, ganbatte! your sad face in this episode really break my heart.i hope he'll get an episode focused on himself later. and i love oh-chan.actually,he was my fav before i got to know Eito~ and unexpectedly, i love the ojii-sama (prince himuro),he is actually hillarious! and his name is youichi himuro, almost the same with hiruma youichi in Eyeshield 21 and hiruma is my fav manga character! YA-HA! and i noticed a few things: - prince himuro is actually the homeroom teacher in 1 litre of tears. - katase nana is the same person who acted in Death Note:The Last Name, i can't remember the name of her character-fuyumi kyoda?kyoko? not sure...) - and one of the children is the one who acted alongside hina and baru in Arigatou,Okan! he did a very good job there,i cried a ton in his scene when he is going to part from okan!
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Dec. 19th, 2008

shonen club 14.12.2008

- Maru-maru combi is really really cool! ^^
i didn't get wut was going on during the middle of the perfomances when suddenly maru
(maru here is my maruyama ryuhei) looked apologetic to nakamaru.well,maybe he did some

- when they sang Musekinin Hero, koyama is actually dancing along with maru and the rest
of juniors. i wanna say,koyama,i luv u!
i luv it when he didn't mind at all to blend in with kanjani8's craziness. i read
somewhere that he actually wanna tyr the eight ranger skit ^^
i'll love to see that ^^

Dec. 15th, 2008


Okay,this is really pissing me off,first of all,i'm not really good with computers (although i did think that i had improved a bit) and an explorer,but not to an extent of trying every single things around.

then,the problem arised since last week,suddenly,i cannot open the mediafire page each time i try to download from it.it always end up to the usual page -error opening this page- ERROR! ERROR! ERRROR!
Then,i can't open YouTube site,i really felt devastated at that point,since i relied on it a lot especially when i want to watch some Eito stuff.

so,i do what people usually do each time their computer encounter problems - REFORMAT IT.
so,i did reformat it,but while the com was trying to installing the cd driver,there was this thing popped out telling me that it is unable to install something,which i really dun know wut the hell it is,since i know nothing about com language.so,i just ignored it,and when all was done,i figured out my laptop is unable to downloading codec which means i cannot watch any videos in my media player. huhuhu~

and i still unable to access the mediafire downloads sites..am i the only one encountering this particular problem?

Dec. 12th, 2008

when you're in love,you can only see him/her~

well,i think i had heard this quote somewhere,but i didn't realize how true it is.
i've never been in love,and my 'puppy love' never lasted long,and i'll switch to other guy in such a short among of time (not that i have many targeted guys or such),and i've never revealed to anyone who is the supposed to be my ideal guy,since there is noone. i am a sad being,didn't i?

the point actually,that quote applied to my certain male fren who is in love with my other close fren.i've never have a close friendships with any of my male frens,and i dun think it is a waste,not that i'm being unsocial,but i feel calmer when i am with my female frens.but,i do keep my relationships with the guys in a good way.
and then this male fren,A, is a very kind and humble person,and sometimed we do keep in touch through messages. one day,he asked me wheather i watched any anime lately,i replied,i dun watch any since nowadays i'm more into japanese drama.he asked for them,but i told him i had already deleted some of the episodes since my hard disk was already full,but i did sort-of promised him,i'll give him the dramas.then,for a week,i frantically re-downloaded again the deleted episodes,so i can give him the full drama.
i thought he'll ask for it,but,when school started, and whenever i'm with his admired girl,i just not within his field of vision,and until now,he never ask me for the videos.

honestly,i am kinda hurt,not that i like him or anything,i even cheer for them to be together,but,at least ask for the damn videos since i will have the chance to ask him whether he has any good dramas or animes,so,i can exchange them since i am so bored right now. i am too shy to ask,and the only option left is for you to ask me for it.
hahahaha,well,i'm dying to be in love,i wanna feel that kind of feeling,missing him badly everyday,haha,i hope the anticipated day will finally come and i wanna treasure that feelings forever~
miss me luck~

Dec. 10th, 2008

my rainbow color~

Your rainbow is strongly shaded white and blue.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


-just a ramdom things,
it is well-known that i am a fan of japanese boy bands among my friends,they just don't know which one.well,one of my friend know SMAP since she`s takuya fan.but apart from that,it is clear that i'm the only one who knew that there's this association called Johnnys Entertainment which produce those awesome groups including my beloved group,Kanjani8 ^^
but,they did knew ryo from 1 litre of tears and his other drama about this flight attendant,i can't remember its title.and yes,they only know him as asou haruto (my friends are so cute).and then the news came,they told me that ryo is actually gay!
i kept denying it,since i can't figured out from where they heard it.and i told them,maybe they read it from some fanfiction or some rumours.i absolutely don't have the slightest idea about this.i mean if you watched ryo goes fangirling leah dizon,you won't think he's a gay at all.well,it just my opinion,and we of course don't know which one is real or not,just,no matter who he is,i wish he'll keep on be a part of eito.i love him acting cute with the members.
oh,i can say this now,i first knew him when i watched 1 litre of tears,but then,i had already knew NewS at that time,but it never came upon me that asou haruto is nishikido ryo in NewS.Then,later,i finally jump into eito fandoms,and it was around that time that i noticed,ehhh,isn't he's the one acting in 1 litre of tears?! how come i never noticed it? so bad of me..gomen ne...but,ryo,just keep on being yourself,i love you in both Eito and NewS.and as an actor too.

-and then,the other day,between my friend and I,i told her that asou haruto is actually a singer from two japanese boy bands.
fren: oh,really?how greedy...
me : oh,no,it just the way it is.
fren: have you watched this drama, forever friends?
me : (try to figure out which drama is that),err,erm,no...what was that drama about?
fren: asou haruto acts as this guy who smack his girlfriend...
me : (and it finally came upon me) it was LAST FRIENDS! not FOREVER FRIENDS!
fren: -chuckling and laughing sheepishly~ oh,yes2,sorry2...you're really incredible!
me : ~smiling proudly~ well,you can't say you're a die-hard-fan of EITO if you don't
know that.hehe. ^^

it was such a nice day~

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